Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please Watch "Sick Around America"

Last night, PBS’s documentary series Frontline followed up on its excellent presentation from last April Sick Around the World with another presentation Sick Around America which is about “Investigating the stories of Americans whose lives have become a quest to find and keep health insurance.”

What is even more maddening for those of us who are seeking health insurance reform in the US is the view by some that we need to fix the economy first before we address health insurance. But with the millions of people in the US losing their jobs and along with it their health insurance, addressing this crisis has never been more urgent.

In my view, the most definitive documentary on the growing health insurance crisis in America is still Sicko by Michael Moore
(see the video preview). The many statements and accusations in the movie are substantiated in this factual backup with links to his sources of information.

For those of a conservative bent I speak to who question whether the healthcare crisis is real, I always urge them to rent the DVD of Sicko and then make up their own minds.

But reality says that the conservatives’ dislike of Michael Moore is only matched by the liberals’ dislike of Rush Limbaugh so their watching of Sicko is unlikely to ever happen. So for those people, I would like to urge them to please watch Sick Around America.

For those of you who missed it, the complete show is available online for those of you with a high-speed Internet connection by clicking on
this link. Then just click on “Sick Around America, 3/31/2009” and the 55 minute program can be watched in convenient 10 or 11 minute segments at your leisure. (For those without a computer or a high-speed Internet connection, a nearby public library should have computers available for viewing this.)

Sick Around America spends most of its time documenting the problems with the US healthcare system. For insights on possible solutions that have been tried by other countries around the world, see Frontline’s
Sick Around the World which can also be viewed online.

But most of all, I would like those of you who do believe in the urgency to reform US health insurance to share this article with those who may not be so convinced. After all, it is hard for us to work on meaningful solutions unless we all at least agree there IS a problem!

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